About Dain


With over 25 years of experience in the courtroom, Dain understands the criminal justice system and how to best serve his clients who are facing criminal charges. After graduating in 1992 from UC Davis School of Law, Dain hit the ground running beginning his law practice along side his father. Now 25 years later, Dain is still committed to his work as a criminal defense attorney. He takes pride in his work and his service to his clients.

As a criminal defense trial lawyer, Dain has tried dozens of serious and complex felony criminal cases, including homicide and "Three Strikes" cases and won numerous hard-fought acquittals for his clients. Dain has earned a reputation as a formidable and effective trial attorney who has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with felonies, ranging from assault and robbery to sex offenses and fraud. Dain believes success in criminal cases is achieved not just by thoroughly preparing a case and forcefully challenging the government's evidence, but by building relationships. Dain is proud to count many clients, client's family members, former jurors, witnesses, and even former legal adversaries as friends.

When he's not in the courtroom or the office, Dain recharges himself by venturing to the outdoors - trail runs, mountain biking, hiking, or rock climbing. When the weather doesn't permit an outdoor adventure Dain enjoys working in his garage - whether its building a steel and leather covered bench or crafting his wedding band out of a meteorite - he's always looking for something new to create. Now the proud father of 3 children, Dain considers his family his greatest joy above all else.